Email with any questions you may
I've had to resort to these as I continue to get bad burns with too many artifacts introduced in the extraction phase......

1. Burn your CDs in DAO (disc-at-once) mode only.  NO 2-second gaps.
2. No discs sourced from MP3 files.
3. I prefer quality blanks and by that, I mean EITHER Mitsui, Taiyo Yuden or Kodak *Ultima*. I generally will not accept
    any other type of media unless we work this out before hand.
4. I guarantee a good burn. If you get a bad disc from me, I will replace it. By trading with me you agree to do the same.
5. I do not send jewel cases, but use paper or plasic protective sleeves. This saves on shipping costs.
6. I generally do not send artwork unless specifically required. Most available on various websites.
7. I use EAC/CDRWin to burn. DAO. I use a Plextor 16x10x40x EIDE and I never burn "on the fly". You must also,
    NEVER BURN ON THE FLY unless you got a SCSI setup. I use a TEAC 540E EIDE for imaging the CD on the hard
    drive. I have YET to have one person complain about a bad burn.
8. You must use one of the following burn setups or I'm sorry, but I can't trade with you. 1) a SCSI set up where you may
     burn on the fly with two SCSI drives; 2) the use of EAC for extraction in combination with any burn program (preferably
     CDrWin, Feurio or EZCD Creator) or 3) a standalone audio burner. 99% of the errors are introduced in the
     EXTRACTION phase. There will be LIMITED exceptions to this rule and I'll evaluate each on a case by case basis.
9. In summary, we must agree on the following before trading: 1) DAO,  2) Media type &  3) burn method/software.
10. SHN trades are also welcome. The same rules apply in a general sense. We can discuss it if needed.

If you are unfamiliar with EAC and would like to learn, I would be glad to help you set your machine up for it. I was resistant at first and it takes a good evening to get it set up and you GOTTA read the instructions for the offset corrections and such, but it works. You can see it working. I can also probably hook you up with a copy of CDrWin but you gotta make the effort. Both programs are idiot proof once you got them setup and you use them a couple times. I wouldn't go back if you paid me. Below is the EAC website, check out the LINKS section for tutorials on setup, more info, etc......

EAC Download/Info