Legend and Information

STU    Studio/Official Release
SB      Soundboard
FM     Radio Broadcast
SC      Scanner
ALD   Assisted Listening Device
AUD   Audience
VHS   Video
LD      Laserdisc
DSS    Digital TV
CD      Silver CD
MD     Mini Disc Source

Rating is out of 10 max for sound quality (*exceptional* performances may get a slightly higer rating).

Generation is provided if known...as well as if its a DAT source......

Comments Section - if you see this info..... (2)5,6 - that means DISC 2 has clicks/pops/static/drops in tracks 5 & 6. I'm trying to do this for all discs as well as indicate if they are MASTER (M) problems....ie. all such discs will have these errors as they are in the master (to my knowledge).